Monday, September 1, 2014

New cowls are here!

I know you don't want to face it, but it's better to be prepared for the seasons ahead.  Here in MN, it's no joke.  The weather can be brutal.  And long.  And cold.  But before that comes fall and time to prepare and feel cute before the "I don't care what I look like phase as long as I'm warm" starts.

Here is the return of the cowl. They are easy.  A circular scarf with no figuring out.  You just pull it over your head and go.  They are super soft and washable. 

Please be gentle with the model.  People like to see what these look like on.  You're welcome.;)

Here are the colors for this year!
This is a beautiful deep brick red. 

 The green is a nice gentle green.  
Not bright, but soft.

 It is a beautiful blue with hints of grey to tone it down.  
This is not a navy. 

Magenta is one of my favs this year.  
So deep and rich.

 Light lime green is how this is best described.  
Soft. Not overwhelming

 Didn't think I would love cream as much as I do.  
It's very princess-like.

The camera doesn't do this one justice.  
One of the colors that looks good on everyone.  
Deep deep teal.

These cowls are croched by me.  Not a machine.  By my hands.  Thank you for always supporting me!  And they are $2 cheaper this year.  ;)

Here is the link.  Don't wait until it's too cold....;)

Friday, August 29, 2014

Teeny tiny heart earrings

Why is it that tiny things are always so cute?  Let's not beat around the bush.  

I have a new little earring in the shop.  
These little earrings are kind of the perfect earring.  
Tiny, cute, colorful, handmade.  Uh, adorable.  
I'm biased.
They come in a bunch of colors.  And if you don't see the color you want, I can still make it.
It was hard to decide what colors to carry because decisions are hard!




Hunter Green



You can find these little heart earrings in the shop now.  
Pick a pair, give one to a friend knowing they were made with love.
They are 2 pair for $10. 

"The best and most beautiful things in the world 
cannot be seen or even touched. 
They must be felt with the heart."
Helen Keller

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Ok.  So let's talk.  You may or may not (but should) know, that Trixiegirl has a new product coming out on September 1.  I'll give you a minute to go put it in your calendar.  In pen. 

I got to thinking about some things the other day.  I have some amazing customers.  They keep coming back.  Which is so crazy to me!  They have watched this brand evolve and become better than it was yesterday. But they do and I like to thank them.  I think about little notes, making each package that gets mailed a little more special. 

This is when I learned about Treat. You can personalize your cards and make them your own on the computer or my fav the app!  I thought this would be a perfect addition for some of my long-time customers.  I can let them know how much I appreciate them but sticking a little thank you in their package.

I ordered some stationary and want to keep them for me!!!!  (Maybe I'll just write myself some little love notes).  So maybe you won't see them in your package after all.  ;)

Go check out Treat, get your calendar and get some cards ordered!  Ah-maz-ing. So many fun options and super cute cards

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My new tattoo and the story of us

Three years ago we lost my grandma.  I think about her every day.
That sounds so cliche.
Which is weird because when she was here, I didn't.  I took for granted that she was here.  But man do I miss her.  In fact, I think I miss her more than is normal. 
But who can gauge that? And since when do I care about normal? 

About a year ago, I started to think about it getting a new tattoo in memory of her.  I wanted one of memory, beauty and the comfort of closeness.  Maybe something that just we shared. 

She always called me Angel Katie.  And I'd always say "you just think what you want Grandma" or "if you only knew".  She'd just laugh and say you always will be my Angel. 

That's what it would be. The word Angel.  In her handwriting. 

But I couldn't find that in writing anywhere. 

Grandma always wrote very detailed descriptions on the back of photographs.  Name, date, age, description of the even.  Sometimes she would even write it on the front of the picture, if it was a long time ago. 

But I was missing a box of pictures. 
I couldn't find it anywhere and I knew it was in this house. 
I knew I could piece the word together, but wanted the whole word. 

So I stared looking anywhere that had greeting cards.  I know where most things are in the house, but couldn't find that box.
Inside Ella's box of baby cards was one random card.  Angel Katie it said inside.  I started crying so hard.  Like it was just in there for a reason. 

So here we are.  Close at last.  

My all-time favorite picture of her.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Current favorites

How about a good ole favorites post?  But you have to share with the class too.  Got it?  Good, let's begin.

I'll just do it in list order.  I don't want to bore you with my ramblings.  Is that ok?  That I don't ramble?  You sure?  ok.

1. Mr. Selfridge on PBS.  Season 1 and 2.
You can find it online and binge-watch.
That's what "a friend" did with season 2.  Based on a true story.

2. Bare Minerals Moxie in Miss Popular.  Some people buy other things.
I might have a lip product drawer.

3. These Trixiegirl earrings.  Obsessed.  I have a good dealer.
She just started carrying a bunch of new flavors.  Check her out.
It's me you guys.  Did you see how I did that?

4. My girl and her reading obsession.  It gets in the way of everything.  ;) 
Brushing teeth, getting dressed, life....

The good ole $7 moving sale score. 

5. Nesting.  Because my friends are pregnant.  

6. Instagram and Youtube.  So much inspiration. Just another shiny object.

P.S. Don't forget about September 1st and the new product I have coming out!!!

Now share time!  Give me some favs of yours and maybe I'll send you something....:)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Jewelry storage

So this is the second time writing this. Thanks blogger. Grrrr

I thought I'd show ya'll how I store my jewelry. Some people have a lot of jewelry. Not me, but some people. 

Here's a pic of my dresser where I keep all of my bits n' bobbles. (I watch a lot of English Youtubers and they say fun little things like that)

Let's start.  Here it is. All cleaned up for you.


So for my necklaces I have found that cute hooks work best for me. They sell them everywhere from Anthro to thrift stores.  Anthro usually has a good basket full in their clearance area.  So don't be scared away thinking they will be expensive.

L to R: Anthro, Home Goods, ?

Next. I like to separate my gold and silver earring studs.  I found these little silver dishes and knew they would be perfect.  I don't have a ton of patience for earring-digging for a half hour to find a pair.



My rings stay in a ring dish. Isn't that a catchy name? There is now an over-flow dish for knuckle rings.

This little silver bowl holds pendents for necklaces. If it starts to overflow, it's time to go thru it and get rid of things.

I use a cake plate for dangly earrings. Silver tones on top and gold tones on bottom.  It's caketastic.

This little glass bowl hold watches. It's from the dollar store. Yup. It has a cute lid too.   
The cake stand to the left has all of my Trixiegirl earrings and other stud earrings.

So, I hope this maybe gave you an idea or two for your own jewelry.  Even if it's a little dish by your bed or by the sink, it makes things a little more special.  The cake stand is from Goodwill.  They always have them.  They're good for your kitchen and your jewelry!

You won't wear your pretty things if they are put away! So go make something pretty!
Have a good one!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Trip to the Mitten

The little girl and I just got back from a great trip back home. Now it's time for the ole vacation after the vacation. The vacation hangover had arrived. No time for that though. I have some pretty special Trixiegirl orders to work on now. And possibly some new products this week!

Thought I'd share a couple pics from the trip. You know people love to look at vacation pics!  Snooze......

Sweatshirt from  And I still want it.

The Ludington lighthouse as we arrived on the SS Badger.  

Dreamy backyard

Something's a little fishy
Same sand dunes I climbed when I was little.  And had energy.  And weighed less.
Mom and Me.  And our daily coffee from the Village Grounds in Pentwater MI.  Don't get me started.
Dad, E and Me getting ready to ride the sand dunes.
What I wouldn't give!!!! I'm so blessed

Time to get workin. Any requests for the shop let me know in the comments!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A few favs

I love reading about people's fav things. Beauty products, things to make my life easier, gift ideas. Show 'em to me!

First up. Josie Marin. I love all of the products of hers that I have. Here is the newest member of the posse.

It's more of a dark bronze color. My friend Jilly P. would love this color. You can get it at Sephora.  And I'll go with you.  And get another one.

Do you ever just want a good outfit without buying new clothes? Like need an outfit now?  It's called your trusty Pinterest.

Just search whatever outfits you are looking for. I'm not kidding. I've searched "road trip outfit" or "beach outfit". You can be less specific and do it by season. Then save it to a board. You can go back and it will help inspire you when you need ideas!  Is this obvious?

Cherries. Enough said.

What are you loving lately?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Little pink desk

Did you know you can sit down to put your make-up on? Yeah. It's pretty pleasant. I did it when I went to visit my love. Pictured here after I put my face on while sitting down. 

So when I got home from visiting, I went on the hunt for a little vanity-type desk/table. 
Did you know that people that post on craigslist don't actually want to sell their stuff? Yeah. Crazy right? They just post it and don't answer their emails. 
So I went to good old GW and found my little friend.  The sewing table.

(Stop spray-painting in the basement! He said)

And we were off. I wanted a dusty rose but Krylon doesn't work like that.  And Im not a patient painter. So light pink it is.
By now you know this is not a photography blog.

I ignored the laundry some more and decorated her. 

Now leave me alone while I put on ma face!